nail in tire

TIRE PROTECTOR is the most effective puncture protection/repair solution in the World. Tire Protector, is a liquid (gel) puncture sealant that is injected into tubeless, pneumatic tires that offers permanent guaranteed puncture protection for the life of the tire.
When a tire that has been treated with Tire Protector encounters a puncture, air pressure inside the tire forces Tire Protector into the wound forming an instant and permanent.

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ZAMLOK is preventing lug nut loss, wheel damage and potential wheel loss by securing the lug nuts together. Wheel lug nut can loosen as a redult of temperature change as well as wheel vibation. ZAMLOK is an innovative, new product that uses the resistence between 2 nuts to minimize their ability to rotate and loosen with indication. ZAMLOK Provides a clear visual check of all lug nuts, Reduces the need to replace lug nuts, Reduces risk of wheel damage, Reduces risk of wheel loss and potential liability for personal injury., Reduces risk of loss of life and or propery damage.

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ECOFINS™ help to reduce this drag effect by spinning the air as it leaves the rear of the vehicle. Each vortex lasts several meters in length, keeping the airflow controlled and restricting it from becoming turbulent. This allows the vehicle to move forward more easily as it encounters less drag. The result is a reduction in required energy (fuel) to maintain the required speed.
Each EcoFin produces two counter rotating solid body vortices that rotate at approximately 3000 rpm. These vortices are about 4 to 5 inches in diameter and trail behind several meters. They help to reduce turbulence and suction drag at the tractor-trailer gap and at the rear of the trailer.

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CENTRABALANCE is a self adjusting wheel balancing which offers you guaranteed performance and savings. It works by centrifugal force which precisely positions the liquid in counterweight positions. This will eliminate the problem of tire cupping, reduces vibration resonance making for a smoother ride. Centrabalance also works with gravity to create a down force effect that holds the tire down on the road. This gives the tire more footprint and better control in cold, icy and wet conditions.

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